European equity movers this morning: Ashmore Group (ASHM LN) +3.6%, DS Smith (SMDS LN) +3.44%, Ebro Foods (EBRO SM) +2.9%, Johnson Matthey (JMAT LN) +2.3%, Richemont (CFR VX) -3.4%, Smiths Group (SMIN LN) -2.3%

Ashmore Group (ASHM LN) +3.6% – Trade higher on broker move

 Ebro Foods (EBRO SM) +2.9% – Trade higher on broker move

Johnson Matthey (JMAT LN) +2.3% – Trade higher on broker move

 Richemont (CFR VX) -3.4% – 5 month sales rose 4% at constant FX

 Smiths Group (SMIN LN) -2.3% – fall in FY Revenue


RANsquawk – Today’s Trading Edge

TIME: 2053BST/1553EDT

NEWS: ICM Scottish referendum poll reports 52% Yes, 48% No among decided voters; and 41% Yes, 45% No, 14% Undecided voters. RANsquawk analysts immediately identified a discrepancy in the reported results and corrected the numbers over the audio a full minute before this was reported on the major newswires.

REACTION: In immediate reaction to the incorrect poll results, GBP/USD dropped 35 pips from 1.6276 to 1.6241. After the correct results were announced, GBP/USD then reversed course and pared the entire move lower to trade back at pre-announced levels.


TIME: 1856BST/1356EDT

NEWS: Ion Geophysical (IO) director Lapeyre buys 100,000 shares for USD 3.17-3.18, according to a filing

REACTION: Co. shares moved 4.2% higher in reaction to the news from USD 3.20 to USD 3.34.


TIME: 1850BST/1350EDT

NEWS: Kansas City Southern (KSU) now expects year ’14 adjusted EPS growth in high-teens

REACTION: In an immediate reaction KSU share price rose 1.6% from USD 115.98 to USD 117.81. In the following 20 minutes, shares continued to extend on gains for a total move of 2.3%.  


TIME: 1835BST/1335EDT

NEWS: The StreetSweeper out negative on Digital Ally (DGLY)

REACTION: In an immediate reaction DGLY share price fell 2.00% from USD 19.61 to USD 18.61.


TIME: 1757BST/1257EDT

NEWS: RANsquawk sources note Dan Ravicher says if Parkervision (PRKR) wins appeal you will see 500% upside – Unconfirmed

REACTION: In an immediate reaction PRKR share price rose 1.5% from USD 1.32 to USD 1.34.


TIME: 1629BST/1129EDT

NEWS: PBoC provides CNY 500bln liquidity to China’s top 5 banks, according to Chinese press

REACTION: Analysts immediately identified this was a form of easing from the PBoC which was supportive of riskier assets and over the following 30 minutes, the E-mini S&P rose 8.75 points from 1980.75 to 1989.50. Over the same timeframe AUD/USD rose 77 pips from 0.9026 to 0.9103 while copper rose from USD 3.1026 to 3.2120.


TIME: 1623BST/1123EDT

NEWS: Positive financial blog article for Conatus Pharma (CNAT)

REACTION: Over the course of the next 11 minutes, CNAT shares rose 5.3% from USD 6.65 to USD 7.00


TIME: 1607BST/1107EDT

NEWS: Virnetx (VHC) wins mixed ruling in Apple (AAPL) patent case over networks

REACTION: VHC shares fell 15.5% in the immediate reaction, falling from USD 14.68 to USD 12.41. Co. shares were then halted due to volatility and upon resuming trade continued to decline to print a low at USD 6.00, for a total decline of 59%. Analysts highlighted the relevance for InterDigital (IDCC), who moved lower as they are in patent litigation with other large tech names. IDCC shares fell 1.8% over the following two minutes, falling from USD 41.84 to USD 41.10


TIME: 1605BST/1105EDT

NEWS: Telecom Italia (TIT IM) said to weigh possible takeover of Oi (OIBR) in Brazil to challenge Telefonica (TEF SM)

REACTION: Over the following 2 minutes, TIT IM shares fell 2.3% from EUR 0.91 to EUR 0.89. Over the course of 22 minutes OIBR shares rose 9.9% from USD 0.67 to USD 0.73. Analysts immediately pointed out that Portugal Telecom (PTC PL) own a 30% stake in Oi, whose shares rose 9.7% from EUR 1.66 to EUR 1.82


TIME: 1548BST/1048EDT

NEWS: Vimicro International (VIMC) and Willdan Group (WLDN) mentioned positively by Navellier

REACTION: In the immediate reaction, WLDN shares rose 8.0% from USD 10.51 to USD 11.35 and VIMC shares rose 8.2% from USD 6.83 to USD 7.39


TIME: 1512BST/1012EDT

NEWS: Libya’s El Sharara oil field cuts production slightly after rockets hit area near Sawiya refinery, according to NOC

REACTION: Over the following 5 minutes Brent Oct’14 futures rose USD 0.33 from USD 98.69 to USD 99.02


TIME: 1504BST/1004EDT

NEWS: RANsquawk sources note talk of an increase stake in DVN from Carlyle – Unconfirmed

REACTION: Over the following 2 minutes DVN shares rose 1.0% from USD 70.82 to USD 71.59


TIME: 1500BST/1000EDT

NEWS: SAB Miller (SAB LN) reports the exercise and sale of shares, with a Co. executive selling options equivalent to 74,000 shares

REACTION: In an immediate reaction SAB LN shares fell 1.14% from GBP 37.18 to GBP 36.76


TIME: 1445BST/0945EDT

NEWS: RANsquawk sources note takeover interest in Pandora (P) with Microsoft (MSFT) a touted bidder

REACTION: In an immediate reaction P shares rose 2.0% from USD 26.26 to USD 26.78


RANsquawk source report takeover interest in Commerzbank (CBK GY) according to a Deutsche Bank analyst – Unconfirmed

- Reports suggest a Deutsche Bank analyst thinks Commerzbank might be a takeoversubject of Banco Santander (SAN SM) and Societe Generale (GLE FP), and this note is due for publication in an article due for print tomorrow

‘RANsquawk source’ – Signifies information that has not been formally tested through traditional journalistic channels and therefore is to be treated as unsubstantiated. Any interpretation of this information is taken at the reader’s own risk and is a representation of the rumours within the market place and never generated by ourselves