Fat Lady is officially bearish, but a test would be nice $ES_F 1654 x 1612

Today’s Economic News: So just when you think Europe is doing great, in comes that negative retails sales and GDP. UK looking better.  In the USA today, it is GDP and factory orders. Those should be movers.   Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: The Zweig is fairly weak and our call for safe swim […]

rlNedDavis4PctStrat vers 1.0 Release for NinjaTrader

This is the 4% system for NinjaTrader as interpreted from Martin Zweig’s Winning on Wall Street.  The basic rules can be found on our website where we trade the system using the Value Line Index and the UWM ETF.   We use our TradeStation version of this indicator to do our 4% trading and, unfortunately, […]

rlNedDavis 4% indicator for NinjaTrader vers. 1.0

  This is our first release of the Ned Davis 4% indicator.  Although it defaults to looking for a 4% weekly move, the indicator is generic enough to generate a colored candle based on percentage thresh hold.   You can read specifically about the Ned Davis/Zweig 4% system on our website here.. , as well […]

rlCandles – Indicator is the basic foundation to all our charts

Before downloading indicators, it is important to note that all of the charts in our examples use our indicator rlCandles, a candle re-write indicator that gives us our favorite candles which are trending candles. What are trending candles, you ask? Traditional red/green candles are green if the close is greater than the open price and […]

RLww_Strategy v1.0 is released for premium members

  This strategy builds upon the ADT/UDT indicators released.  It enables traders to test trading strategies and do analysis on A/D and up down volume strength and their predictive properties. Inputs Description ADV Data Stream containing either the advancing or up volume symbol DECL Data Stream containing either the declining or down volume symbol Length […]

rlWW – Wayne Whaley indicators Version 1.0 for NinjaTrader

  This is the release of the Wayne Whaley ADT/UDT version 1.0  indicator for NinjaTrader.  This release includes the indicator with source code and a sample worksheet to get you started.   If you are not familiar with Wayne Whaley’s breadth work, you should be.  Built upon the work of Dr. Martin Zweig, Wayne has […]

rlTicks for NinjaTrader v7.0+

  The NYSE ticks are very useful for timing entries into the market for scalps, or even for optimal entries for longer term swings both long and short.  This indicator is always on top in my setup.   The faded HLC sticks in the background are the raw tick data.  I fade the raw ticks […]

MarketThrust indicator for NinjaTrader v7.0

  NOTE: THIS IS AN UPDATED POST WITH A NEW RELEASE: I have modified the original release to make it more flexible for other symbol inputs.   This is my first real indicator release for NinjaTrader, so any feedback – works, doesn’t work –  would be greatly appreciated.   First, about the Market Thrust.  This […]

TraderPivots for NinjaTrader v7.0

This is the initial release of the TraderPivots indicator for NinjaTrader.  This is a premium indicator and is only available to members with Gold status or higher.   TraderPivots are used to predict support and resistance zones.  The rlTraderPivot for NinjaTrader currently supports three types of pivots: Traditional, Camarilla, and Woodie.   The pivotType is […]

Release of AD-Race for NinjaTrader 7.0

  This is the release of the AD-Race indicator for NinjaTrader 7.0.  This indicator is used to visually plot the Advance/Decline line of several indexes for intraday monitoring of strength, both relative to other indexes as well as to watch for market turning points.  This indicator needs advance and decline issue symbols from an intraday […]