Release for NinjaTrader of rlPCT–a percent pullback indicator

  Initial release of the rlPCT from RedlionTrader.   I use this chart all the time to gauge the depth of pullback or bounces.  It has two operating modes: a pullback mode and a rally mode, one measures from the highs, the other from the lows.   You can set the initial pullback value and […]

RLRSI – My first NinjaTrader indicator released

While it is not an exciting indicator I use it daily for scalping the Russell 2000 futures contract (TF) contract.  Basically it is a 2 period RSI and I am looking for extreme readings above 98 and below 2.   I have ported a version to NinjaTrader that allows me practice trade on the TF […]

How in import a custom script into Ninja Trader 7.0

This is a short tutorial on how to import a custom script into Ninja Trader 7.0 and above.  Once you have the .zip file containing the script download onto your machine use the following procedure:   Goto File –>  Utilities –> Import NinjaScript.. option.. A warning may or may pop up about trusting the downloaded […]