Double Peaks and Whack a Bull $ES_F 1650 x 1625

Today’s Economic News: News is ok for today.  Weaker numbers out of China than expected, but that is OK too.  Watch today for that 10am ET release of wholesale inventories and then again at 2pm ET the FOMC taper notes.    The bears are looking to take advantage of the dangerous double top and those seem […]

Double top 1650 $ES_F? Somewhere there is a bear

Today’s Economic News: Now the UK is going all soft on us.  That should be more fuel for the dollar. Quote of the Day:Keep your fears to yourself, but share your inspiration with others.–Robert Louis Stevenson Featured Breadth Chart of the Day: We continue to operate under the impression that there is more downside testing […]

Bears at the cross road, they need to show some control. $ES_F 1650 x 1620

Today’s Economic News: What happened?  All of a sudden our news is turning more negative out of Europe.  That Bubil auction put rates back into the negative column.  We don’t like that one bit. Quote of the Day:The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.–Mother Teresa Featured Breadth […]

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs $ES_F 1634 x 1606

Today’s Economic News: Nothing really for news so far today… Everyone waiting for the Jobs numbers and again, it could be that good news is bad for the market as the Fed is trying hard to get us ready for some withdrawal. Quote of the Day:If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try […]

Shortened Hours Today… Shorten market $ES_F 1588 x 1606

Today’s Economic News: Decent numbers again out of Europe and the UK.  In the shortened trading day in the US we start jobs week and everything is getting squished.  The initial claims will be out today instead of tomorrow when the the market is closed all day. Quote of the Day:Victory is always possible for […]

Market seemed strong yesterday, not sure about the end.. sup with that? $ES_F 1625 x 1588.

Today’s Economic News: Interest rates continue to rise around the globe, with deflation in commodities.  We don’t like the combination and would like to see a little inflation on both sides. Quote of the Day:Pessimist: One who, when he has the choice of two evils, chooses both.–Oscar Fingall O’Flahertie Wills Wilde Featured Breadth Chart of […]

End of the quarter coming up… $ES_F 1597 x 1570

Today’s Economic News: Only one piece of news for today outside the USA and that was fairly positive.  In the USA for today, look to the Auction at 1pm ET to see if rates are continuing to rise. Quote of the Day:An argument is the longest distance between two points of view.–Dan Bennett Featured Breadth […]