!RL_AD_all AKA AD_RACE indicator vers 2.0

The latest version of the !RL_AD_ALL indicator includes the zero 2:1 and –2:1 lines as well as text annotation of the a/d line.   This indicator is used to visually plot the Advance/Decline line of several indexes for intraday monitoring of strength both relative to other indexes as well as to watch for market turning […]

Ned Davis 4% Backtesting Strategy Beta Version 0.9

We are releasing a cool first past strategy using the new TradeStation 9.0 Price Series Provider object to generate a long only entry and exit for backtesting the Ned Davis 4% system.   It is not limited to just the Ned Davis system which uses a 4% move in the Value Line index for entries […]

Ned Davis 4% indicator–or a generic 4% weekly indicator

In celebration of TradeStation Bonanza weekend we are putting out a beta version of our 4% indicator free for those registered on the site.  We are also issuing a 4% backtesting strategy for our gold members. This indicator is a nice example of using the new TS9 price series provider object to retrieve price data […]

!RL_WW Strategy and Backtesting Vers 1.0

Backtesting Strategy: For back-testing and strategies you must be a Gold member to download and to get support.   You can then download all the premium indicators, get 1/2 hour of one on one support and access the 10 day trades mechanical trading system. !RL_WW Strategy:   This is a strategy for back-testing and research.  […]

Whaley ADT/UDT Indicators Vers 1.0

If you are not familiar with Wayne Whaley’s breadth work you should be.  Built upon the work of Dr. Martin Zweig, Wayne has developed a market model using several breadth patterns which include 52 week new highs/lows, Advancing/Declining strength and up/down volume and seasonals.  For his work, Wayne received the coveted Charles H. Dow award […]

!RL_TraderPivots v. 4.3 Release

Version 4.3 adds: Support for Pivot Boss’s Developing pivots.  This draws bars for the the pivots as they are developing for tomorrow’s trading.  Enter pivot type “d” in the format input box.   Version 4.1 added support for  Weekly and Monthly Pivots.   Version 4.0 adds: 1: Support for other Pivot Types “t” = traditional […]

Release of Breadth Indicators with Scoring for TradeStation 9.0

Note*** New version 1.1 removes an event handler that was just a little too active and had the effect of bogging down the workstation.  Performance of 1.1 should be greatly improved.   This is version 1.0 1.1 release of two indicators, a chart transmitter and receiver that are specifically designed to be used on the […]

Releasing version 4.00 of !RL_TraderPivots.. for October.

My October release is a reworked !RL_TraderPivots indicator for TradeStation.  This is probably the most popular indicator I have.   There has been several requests for some updates which included requests for different type of pivots so this premium release (version 4.0) includes support for Camarilla Pivots as well as Woodie pivots.  If there are […]