Not liking the 10 days highs minus lows chart.. lost some breadth today .. need a rally. $spx

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The 10 DHL charts are the worst of the breadth charts today and need some fixin’ up .  We are cycling into higher daily bars thus raising the bar on the what the index needs to hit in order to keep their upward momentum.   Neutral is ok but we could easily slip into bear territory tomorrow if we can not improve upon today’s daily bar.  In short, if we can show some strength tomorrow.. not just hold from falling apart but make some headway to the upside, the charts should correct to the bull-side.  Another day like today where we challenge the downside and the charts will quickly turn against the bulls. 


Video: How to interpret 10 Day Highs minus Lows

Download: StockFinder  5.0 10 DHL code

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