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CloseDecember 7, 2018

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6-Dec 03:46(SeekingAlpha)My 34 Holding Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

Introduction Welcome to my monthly portfolio review covering all of the activity over the past month. This article series covers my investing journey as a father of two towards my eventual retirement. Any specific stocks or amounts are particular to my self-directed 401( K ) plan. The goal…

6-Dec 10:46(SeekingAlpha)March To Freedom Fund November Update

We are now in the home stretch for 2018 and our portfolio has performed quite well this year. The March to Freedom Fund has a total return for the year of 9.63%. As always, this includes just share price appreciation and dividends received, but not the contributions that weve made. The…

6-Dec 08:42(SeekingAlpha)John’s October Dividend Increases And Income Tracker – Retirement Accounts

Investment Thesis October marks the eighth month that I have been tracking John’s retirement accounts in an article. Since the beginning of January 2018, his portfolio has produced $11,048.30/Dividend Income through September 30, 2018. For those new to this series, John is a recently ret…