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Elon Musk calls Thai cave rescuer a ‘pedo guy’

The verbal sparring between Musk and Vernon Unsworth, a cave explorer who helped rescuers pinpoint the location of the missing Thai soccer team, is over the child-sized submarine Musk sent to Thailand last week in an attempt to assist the rescue. Unsw…

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Could you make it through dinner without checking your phone?

NEW YORK — When Marc and Kara Lyons take their family out for a nice dinner, they typically hand their two sons cell phones to play games and watch YouTube videos. Sometimes, the parents grab the devices back to check their own email and text messages…

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Trade war with China in aisle 12

WASHINGTON — The administration’s trade fight with China may soon be fought in the aisles of Walmart, Best Buy, REI and Costco.

If implemented, the Trump administration’s latest round of proposed tariffs on Chinese goods would finally…

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The virtues of a summer job

The share of teenagers working summer jobs had dwindled for years, but the numbers have come back a bit in the past couple of years. It is a change applauded by educators and financial advisers alike.

“Summer jobs are a great idea,” s…

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Countdown to retirement: a five-year plan

For most of your working life, it wasn’t exactly a pressing concern. You might have pondered it for a few minutes as you skimmed your company’s benefits handout, checking to see if your new glasses were covered or if you’ll be reimbursed for your gym …