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Here Is The Next Big Threat Facing American Farmers

Despite the media’s assertion that President Trump’s animating political principle is “stay loyal to the base”, the White House is coming incredibly close to alienating one of the president’s most reliable constituencies: The American farming community…

The Cost Of Raising Kids In America Is Soaring

Authored by Heidi Steinour via,

Today, roughly one in five women in the U.S. doesn’t have children. Thanks in part to this decline in birthrate, for the first time in U.S. history, there may soon be more elderly people than children.

Amazon Smashes Earnings, Sending Stock To New All Time High

Amazon has done it again, and after a quarter in which Jeff Bezos and president Trump unleashed on the world’s biggest online retailer prompting some to unload the stock on fears that the DOJ could launch an anti-trust crackdown on the tech company, AM…

Facebook Feeding Frenzy Saves Market From Draghi Doldrums

Coming into today, in its preview of the day’s main event, the ECB decision and presser, UBS’ Paul Donovan said that “the main point of interest at today’s ECB press conference is what color tie ECB President Draghi will wear. That is a far more uncert…