Breadth, our Zweig is slip sliding away.. Day 7 and now 7 points away.

imagePlease, not another tease on the Zweig…

I am becoming the boy that cried “Zweig” . Like a begging dog, I have to remind myself,  you don’t always get what you want.  Here is that reminder in the chart below. Since January 2011 we have had 7 previous attempts at a Zweig Thrust Signal, and all failed.  That is a lot of disappointment.  But still, just 2 away?  That March 2011 was pretty darn close too.


For those that have no idea what I am talking about, there is an index call the Zweig Breadth index which  is simply the 10 day moving average of the NYSE advance / decline line.   Dr. Zweig calculated back in the seventies (?) that when the market moves from oversold (below 40) to overbought (61.5) in a ten day period, that special movement or signal indicates extreme buying and foreshadows a 12 month bull run.   It has a high 80% accuracy, hence we are excited for some bullish confirmation. It still has to produce and we only have four more days to get the chart below up and over the chin-up bar.


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Come on bulls, pull!