Broz on Bonds #Bonds $Bonds #Futures


Adjusted on: 10/14


SPs:   As long as any pullbacks here stay below 1444.50 we need to favor a move to 1385.25. Trade staying below this pivot really keeps the sell pressure on this market.

Bonds: I’m going to focus on the SPs and expect to trade inversely to them…so that said I’m looking for bonds to test 150.01-150.19 for starters. First weakness will come
           below 148.23.

10s:    Note bond comment…if the bulls can control 133.26 the move projects to 134.24. Downside, that whole area from 132.24 to 132.09 is where the bears begin to gain
          some control.

5s:     note bond comment. Trade BELOW this pivot targets 123.31…I’ll favor the bulls at 124.25.