[Energy] Spain Says Yes, Germany Says No. We Say Stop and They Say Oh No NO!

MrTopStep and our contributors are a group of veteran traders and market technicians who have been providing our IM service to their trading customers for more than 15 years.  Starting in January 2011, MrTopStep’s IM Service is available to the public.  Centralized in the index markets with their desk 10 feet from the S&P 500 futures pit, MrTopStep IM Service provides daily live trade flow from the trading floor as well as news and market observations from large hedge funds and trading desks around the world.

Retail (Individual) Trader Packages

Monthly: $350, auto-recurring billing*        Join Now

Quarterly: $950, auto-recurring billing*      Join Now

Semi – Annual: $1850, auto-recurring billing*   Join Now

Annual: $3500, auto-recurring billing*        Join Now

On the Desk with Real Pros

  • Live and active everyday the markets are open
  • 8:00am to 3:00pm, Central Time
  • Open chatroom to interact and ask questions
  • Access to veteran traders and technicians on and off the CME floor
  • Intraday live commentary on who’s trading and what direction, key market updates, pivot points, money flows, more
  • Learn to recognize the same market news and technical levels that big hedge funds and trading desks around the world are trading on.

Markets Covered

  • S&P 500 Futures, Nasdaq Futures
  • S&P 500 Futures Options
  • Treasury Curve
  • Commodities
  • Currencies

IM & Chat Service Details

For futures traders looking for insight on market flow and color from the trading floor, consider the MrTopStep Professional Instant Message Service.  Just one membership level will allow access to both the direct market flow and the ability to interact with the MrTopStep contributors.  After your payment is received and account approved, we will email you the instructions to setup the IM & Chat Service.


Several Unique Features: Ladders, Dynamic Charts & Ticometer







Real Time Ladders and Dynamic Charts that flow with the bid/ask size.  Exactly what professional traders use to make their next move








Hamerstone’s Ticometer registers sounds when tics greater +\- 1000 are produced.  At +1000 bird noises and bug zapper -1000 at thunder sell programs


Retail (Individual) Trader Packages

Monthly: $350, auto-recurring billing*        Join Now

Quarterly: $950, auto-recurring billing*      Join Now

 Semi – Annual: $1850, auto-recurring billing*    Join Now

Annual: $3500, auto-recurring billing*        Join Now

*Costs include a $175 services fee and Connection Fee that will not be refunded upon cancellation.  Payments are taken upfront for the period of the package selected.  Cancellations apply to the upcoming auto-recurring billing period but does not terminate the current subscription period.  Early termination and refunds are not allowed.  Cancellation will be processed immediately, but you will continue to have a valid subscription through the end of your paid term.


Institutional Package

Please contact us at info@mrtopstep.com or call 312.663.5555  for our exclusive institutional services.

IM & Chat Service Rules & Conduct

MrTopStep Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to mute or ban anyone from participating in the chatroom for inappropriate or illegal conduct.  Banned subscribers will be disconnected from the IM & Chat service and receive a refund for the time remaining on their subscription period.  The $30 activation fee will not be refunded.

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