If I buy an indicator and I don’t like can I return it?

No. And the reasons should be obvious.  I do not encode or put license protection in any of the indicators.  You can look at the description and read the reviews and decide for yourself what the risk is.  I am not charging thousands of dollars so the cash risk is far less than your time to evaluate, if you value your time that is.

Why do I have to pay for indicators, shouldn’t everything on the Internet be for free?

I have given away hundreds of indicators and the problem is the support piece.  I am not planning on getting rich selling indicators, I do that trading.  But a magical thing happens when you charge money, first the customer (you) expect to get something that is supported, and I feel an obligation to support you, a kind of contract.  In other words you get what you pay for and free is only good.. sometimes.


There are a ton on Ninja Indicators and Strategies for free too.. why should I care to get them from you.. caution!?

This is a word of caution out there for just downloading any indicator for NinjaTrader.  The implementation used by NinjaTrader is to package indicators and strategies as DLLs.  These DLLs are executed code, which makes them very fast, but if they are compiled on a “dirty” machine they can contain virus and other hazards.  Compiled into the code are dependencies on other indicators that may be contained on that machine also  this is why so many have difficulty installing “free” Ninja code.  It is not an easy task to create a clean Ninja script for export.  We always compile our code on a clean install of Ninja so that we have only the base indicators on the machine, making installation on your machine much easier.  Our Ninja compile server is swept daily for viruses with fresh ninja installs.  In other words, be careful, not everyone puts the efforts in we do to make sure your machine stays safe.