Run away market, very bullish $ES_F 1881 x 1868

Featured Breadth Chart of the Day:



It is looking more and more that I have this wrong sided, expecting a journey lower.  I wanted < 40 before > 61.25.  It is reaching up for that higher number now and going into overbought territory.  It needs a 2:1 A/D line today to reach rarefied status. That is worth watching.

Quote of the Day:
If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.
–George Bernard Shaw

Comments and Levels for the Front (S&P 500 – E-mini futures) contract:

Short: 1881
Long:  1866


It is the worst kind of climb for bears that are shorting – moves that grind higher with very little relief to the downside to adjust entries.   For today we watch a reach above 1881 and a break of 1868 for clues of a reset and relaxation phase.

Our trenders have turned traitor on us and and switched sides to the bull side.  NHs/NLs have gone all bullish on us.   We have a one day opportunity here to get some downside, if that stretches beyond 1868 it could give us some relief. 


On the MiM:


Straight down the middle on the imbalances yesterday kept us from trading in that mix.  We watch today.


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Date Of Signal Direction x:00 Entry/Close x:20 Entry/Close x:30 Entry/Close
4/2/2014 Long 1.99 1.09 0.07
4/3/2014 Long 2.71 1.99 0.31
4/11/2014 Short 1.16 2.86 5.10
4/15/2014 Long 4.04 -0.21 -0.04
4/17/2014      Short 1.72 3.66 3.27
Total   11.62 9.39 8.72


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Comments about TLT (Twenty year Bond ETF):


TLT making another run at the 111.50 highs.

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Breadth Charts in Full:   Zweig Breadth Thrust


Can it reach the rarified extreme above 61.5?

Cumulative Volume Index:


Decent volume piling in on the buy side.


Number of NYSE issues trading ABOVE their 40 day moving average (40DPI):



New Highs / New Lows ratio chart:


Rarified levels here.  Very, very bullish right now.

Trenders Short Term Trender –  McClellan Summation Index:



Long Term Trender –  Cumulative 4-week Highs – Lows (the fat lady)Nyah-Nyah:



Parting Shot: 


So it turns out that while you and I are inside getting disrobed, unpacked, throwing away full tubes of toothpaste and getting felt-up, one simply needed to scale this “security fence” at San Jose airport to get beyond security.  Given the choice, I might actually use this method if it got me a seat inside the plane.

If you didn’t see this story, on Monday April 21st a runaway 15 year old teen decided that the place to be was anywhere but home and his ticket out was a wheel well of a Boeing 767 headed to Hawaii. Only by some miracle did he survive the almost 7 hour flight at 38,000 feet, unheated and unpressurized.  So many things could have gone wrong for the teen including getting crushed to death by the retracted gear. He survived. Lucky.

I have long had a fear that the next plane attacks won’t happen through the “well guarded” front door to planes but a flanking attack.  Access to airport tarmacs is a joke.  It would take little planning or execution to get a fuel truck and slam it into a plane full of passengers on the tarmac.  It is harder to get 6oz of shampoo smuggled on board.  We are spending a lot in dollars and liberty for the illusion of security.

I don’t know what that kid was thinking, but if he did not know by the age of 15 that the air at that height is thin and non-survivable and that temperatures are below zero, then his education has failed him too.   Come on people, take off your shoes and shuffle along like the rest of us.

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