The answer is blowin’ in the windy city $ES_F 1855

Featured Breadth Chart of the Day:


Bulls have the new highs / new lows up in the 90s again.  That is good bullish work.

Quote of the Day:
A thing well said will be wit in all languages.
–John Dryden

Comments and Levels for the Front(S&P500 – Emini futures) contract:

Short:  1846
Long: 1822


We have moved up the upper target line, our most bullish line, it now sits at 1855 with a station stop at 1848.  We might want to move our seats to facing in the other direction if we get failure there.

Downside we sit at 1822 for buyers to come back in and attempt to lift the market again.

On the MiMSmile with tongue out


We are coming into the last week in February for the MiM and are fighting our first losing month.  Just 5 days to go.  Let’s see if buyers or sellers step in these final days.

If you have streaming issues, please let me know.

Date Of Signal Direction x:00 Entry/Close x:20 Entry/Close x:30 Entry/Close
2/3/2013 Long -0.64 -2.80 -3.90
2/4/2013 Long -1.55 -0.70 4.85
2/5/2013 Long 1.21 -1.30 -2.43
2/20/2013 Long -1.07 -1.84 -1.12
Total   -0.9 -5.94 -2.60

* – NFP Day before and day of.
** – New Year’s Eve / End Of Year

If you want to join the meter readers you can go to: Join the MiM

Comments about TLT (Twenty year Bond ETF):


If we can break above 107.25 that should take us to 108, but I think longer term we are heading down and that target currently sits at 105.25

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Breadth Charts in Full:

Zweig Breadth Thrust


Zweig holding for a grind higher.  

Cumulative Volume Index:


Need to add some upside volume today.

Number of NYSE issues trading ABOVE their 40 day moving average (40DPI):


Ditto on the 40 DPI.

New Highs / New Lows ratio chart :


Nice on the NHs.


Short Term Trender –  McClellan Summation Index:



Long Term Trender –  Cumulative 4-week Highs – Lows (the fat lady):



Parting Shot: 



Olympics are over.  Warm weather vacation is over.  What can I do next for excitement?  How about a trip to Chicago?!

I will be leaving today for a 4 day trip to the Windy City (right in the middle of another polar vortex).  I will do my best to keep this newsletter going.  It might just be a bit different as I will not have access to all my resources, but I will do my best.

Warm weather is coming soon, right?

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