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Hope this weekly newsletter finds everyone in a festive mood.  We couldn’t be happier here at TTTHedge.com as we wrap up our 2010 season and start reporting what will be a record breaking year and begin to position ourselves for 2011, a year in which we plan to outdo ourselves in what is going to  be an even more difficult market to trade!  Our goal is to double our active trading accounts each quarter and out- perform the markets 2-4X in our longer term holdings. 


The month of December is producing good results:



Our active trading mini Account is up almost 20% so far this month and the Main fund is showing some great growth.


We have grown our tool box with a new futures trader Cathy, floor traders from Mr.Top Step and our options alert service.  All used correctly and we should be able to continue to take money from a market that is designed to transfer wealth from the common investor and put it into the treasure boxes of the large institutions. We have to be smarter, and we think we are.  We have some real advantages over the “big boys”,  the most obvious being size.  We can move quicker and with the addition of visibility to the trading floors we can see what they are doing.  We on the other hand are invisible to them so we use our stealth and nimbleness to our advantage.


Our options alert service continues to out perform the markets and is heavy in puts as option buyers are out of control in what we think is a near-term top.



For more information on our options alert service and to sign-up for your free weekly options pick visit and register at http://tomthetrader.com


In 2011 we will be revamping how we do the IRA and Main fund trading with less churning and more strategic holding with an emphasis on using ETFs.  This will make it much easier for our members to follow and trade.   This is our holding recommendations we posted on August 11th this year:


imageUsing proprietary screeners we plan to hold stocks like these for extended periods of time, exploiting sector rotation and a blend of technicals and fundamentals.


We love having you on our weekly list, but even better would be to join the team for 2011.  Its not too late.


If you are interested in any of our services, send us an email: membership@ttthedge.com and we will respond back with a special end of the year offer to make it worth your while to join.


Our service:

Daily Email – A set of emails each day which lay out or calls on the markets and the trades we are putting on and taking off in all accounts.  Includes access to the members only website that has live portfolio tracking.

Traders Service – A live trading room where your are immersed in the markets with our traders with live charts, audio and chat.  It is truly cutting edge.. if you have not visited come and pop in at http://ttthedge.adobeconnect.com/traders and say hi.

Options Alert Service – A daily options pick which is a great way to hedge or make extra money on high probability options plays.  Visit http://tomthetrader.com for more information.

RedlionTrader.com – A website with market tracking, mechnical trading 10 day trades and Ned Davis 4% trading system as well as the home of our proprietary TradeStation indicators. Visit http://redliontrader.com for more information.

If you are interested in any of these services send us a note.  We are in a festive mood and would like to be on your trading team helping to secure your financial future.  We might just send you an offer you can’t refuse, or at least shouldn’t.


Happy Holidays all!

Team TTT

Tom, Cathy, Marlin (redliontrader)

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