Don’t Miss NinjaTrader’s Ray Stein as he discusses the Ninja’s Market Replay.. Free today @ 11am


imageYou want to know the best “free” kept secret in the business?  It is the NinjaTrader’s Market Replay.  I hate to keep pumping it as I am afraid that NinjaTrader will take away this valuable resource for traders, but I truly believe this is the best 100% free deal that delivers a “must use” product for traders that are designing systems or developing skills or want to study how various indicators or risk management works in real markets.  What if I traded today with 3 point stops instead?  What if I took off half here?  You can do that using the market replay and hone those skills. 

So here’s the deal, and Ray will tell you more about it today.  NinjaTrader is 100% free to download for testing and you can use their Kinetick free end of day data for daily information. There is another feature that comes with that free download and that is market replay.  This gives you the ability to replay the markets using a tick by tick replay.  Not just bars, you get real level 2 data on a tick by tick basis..that is both very important and nice.  The best thing, you can download that data also free from NinjaTrader.  So if you want to study a chart and trade it as if it were live you can do that off hours, all free.  

Here is what you should do.  Register to listen to Ray today, (Signup for Ray Stein ) and download your free NinjaTrader.  This is not a trial, this is the full application.  You will have to purchase it if you want to trade with a broker, but for development and education it is 100% free.. Forever! (btw. Please enter TTTHedge as your referrer just to let Ninja know how awesome we are!).

You can signup for this webinar which is today at 11am EDT by going to this link:

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