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imageCorey Rosenbloom will be running a short webinar in the Traders Live! room on 5/29 at 11am ET.  Corey is a premier market technician / educator / mentor ( We have been working for over a year to have Corey talk to our membership and we are so excited to be hosting Corey to kick off our 9th anniversary celebration webathon.  Nine days of guest speakers in our Traders Live! room. We are opening our doors to members and guests alike to help us celebrate, use the link below the learn about free registration options.

Corey’s topic is “Identifying and Trading Range Days” and will be a preview of his presentation later this week at the Trader’s Expo in Dallas.  Good traders have a whole golf bag full of clubs and learn to read the holes they are playing.  Let Corey help add some more insight into how the markets trade in order to lower your trading handicap and add that extra club.

Signup for Corey’s webinar is now open but seating is limited to first come first served on the day of the webinar.  Our online trading room can only hold 100 so make sure you register and arrive early to secure you spot.  To register click the link below:

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Below is Corey’s Bio and a link to his website as well as a list and schedule of our upcoming webinars.



My name is Corey Rosenbloom, CMT (Chartered Market Technician) trader, educator, analyst, and I am excited to share with you my experiences studying and trading the markets and to hear from you regarding your experiences, challenges, and frustrations, and successes. My goal is to create a community dedicated to reaching out to those who have been burned by the market or are anxious about risking their money to make money in the stock, options, or futures markets. Together, we can share strategies and learn how to overcome crippling fears that keep us from achieving our highest potential.

I have been investing for the last 10 years but discovered the addictive world of trading during the wicked bear market of 2001-2002 and began actively trading the market short-term mid-2003.

After some bad trades following some early large successes (due to overconfidence and over-leverage), fear gripped me to the core and I spent the next three years oscillating between love and hate for the trading world and committed to learning as much as I could before committing more money to the active trading of the markets. I fought a constant battle with perfectionism and fear, and wanted to reach out to others beginning their trading careers who may be struggling as I did with “fear of the order entry screen.”

I deeply enjoy education, research, and analysis and would love to help you to improve your edge so that you can increase your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Trading without a solid education, as well as a personalized method of quantifying abstract market data, can cost you not only hard-earned money, but your confidence and your dreams of success. I would love to connect with others who are progressing through their lifetime learning cycles in the market and unite us through a community that fosters a supportive environment of networking.

Through this blog, I am hoping to keep in touch with all of you whom I met at various Trader’s Expos and conferences and meet others in the trading community. Most importantly, I want all of you to connect with each other. I will be writing market analysis and commentary, providing links to fresh articles and information, collecting volumes of resources that will help you advance your trading, and writing my own insights to share with you.

Please share your personal stories with me and get to know mine as well – I will be happy to post success stories and personal achievements as I receive them from you. Remember, together, we can stand and achieve our dreams; divided, we will fall victim to the wiles and traps of the darker side of the market.

Other Currently Scheduled Webinars for

  • 5/29Corey Rosenbloom CMT – AfraidToTrade.comwill be talking about how to identify Trading Range Days, this will be a preview of his presentation for the upcoming Dallas Traders Expo.
  • 5/30 Leslie Jouflas from is a pattern trader and will come into the room around 11 am ET to do a question and answer session. Leslie co-authored on of those “must read” trading books “Trade What you See” and is in high demand. We are very lucky to hear her speak about her favorite patterns and setups.
  • 5/31Ray Stein from NinjaTrader.comwill come in and talk about NinjaTrader’s free trading and simulation platform and how to use the unique tick by tick market replay feature to sharpen your skills. I think it is THE most important tool for trader to learn new indicators off hours in a safe environment, and it is 100% Free!
  • 6/1Scott Andrews from masterthegap.comwill come in and talk about trading the opening gap. What a treat to have a Scott and his expertise on opening trading spend some time with us.
  • 6/4Larry McMillan from optionstrategist.comwill discuss using ETFs, ETNs and options to bring volatility on to the winning side of your trade. Larry is one of the most successful options traders and we are excited about this 2nd round visit.
  • 6/5 – New dad Frank Ochoa will be in house, yes the Pivot Boss himself from, and he is one of our favorites and he will be reviewing his unique perspective on the markets and what he sees as current setups. Always timely.
  • 6/6Craig Ross from Apex Futures will be here to talk about his services and how the current market conditions have effected trade flow.

All webinars start at 11am ET / 8am PT