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During the 4th of July holiday we changed around the template for the website to make it more readable and useable.  Our new layout should allow us to add more features to aide the readers and browsers alike.


Over the next few months we plan on adding more indicators and making them easier to find.  We have added NinjaTrader support and will begin porting our more popular indicators to Ninja and adding them to the website also.


We will be improving our video section which will have tutorials, market reviews and indicator help.


This top section on Page One will have headline information.  Below on the left side is more meaty in-depth analysis with a daily post at 8am reviewing the previous days breadth information and market charts.


To the right of that is the daily charts with a line or two about anything interesting on the charts.


I want to encourage you to register to get the full benefit of the site if you have not already done so.

If you follow this link on the right hand sidebar you should see a registration box.  And as always you will not be spammed, your address is securely stored on our email service and we follow all the can-spam regulations.


There is a video overview on the bottom of this post if you would like more information..


Trade On!



Video Overview of the website:

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