Trader’s Alert: The Ned Davis/ Zweig 4% system may trigger long on the close $SPX

Trigger alert issued: 7/9/2010 @ 3pm


The Ned Davis 4% will most likely issue a buy at the market close today, assuming that in the next 60 minutes the markets don’t sell off hard.


Closing target price of value line is : 2281.04.  A close above that is a trigger to go long.  I have been using the RRY 2x Russel as the trading instrument of choice.


Here is a link that explains the System:


If you system does not provide quotes for value line you can track the price at^VAY






Always remember.. your trade is  your trade.. Do your research.  I am not recommending or soliciting.  I am not a financial advisor or a broker.  Trading is risky and you could suffer financial loss and ruin.  The hypothetical performance of the system in the past may not generate the same results in the future. Last but not lest.. I have done my best to accurately present the data.. but errors do creep in so I take no responsibility for that.

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