Need a little help from our Friends..

Tom and I are trying to use the summer season to add more traders into the family and build for the Fall.  Reaching new traders on the web is difficult and requires more and more “social networking” in order to make contact.  The influence of Google and more traditional means of web navigation are being usurped by the human search engine of tweets and digg and facebook.  In short we no longer “discover” the treasures of the internets from a single god (google) but rather through web interactions with each other.


This summer in celebration of Tom’s seventh anniversary we have opened our doors to anyone who wants to try the service from now until Labor Day.  That is a pretty incredible offer and as you know if you where in the room yesterday, a pretty generous one too!


If you could do a little social networking for us, I am asking you to pass along our name and a recommendation to anyone who you might think is interested.  So however you reach people.. tweet, facebook, email, post, blog, text or god forbid actually talk to someone both Tom and I would be honored and grateful.


The address to register for the Summer Fest 2010 is:



Tom and Marlin

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