RedlionTrader–Trader Insight Premier Membership

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What do I get:

Powerful combination of technicals and news delivered  twice a day.

Daily First Call:

(8am EST)

Daily Last Call:


  • Our market insight on how the world traded overnight and how we are sitting pre-open.
    Delivered around 8am each day pre-market
  • Daily readings of our most important breadth indicators to keep you in-line with the markets
  • Support and resistance areas for the SPX cash and front month ES
  • Overnight top stories that are forming the markets
  • Review of the Daily First call to yield feedback on how we did and why it happened
  • Look forward to scheduled news that might effect your overnight holdings
  • Top news stories that have effected the market action for the day


RedlionTrader Premium Indicators:

Download and access all of the RedlionTraders Premium indicators.  This includes:




Premier Membership Level:

Premier membership service will provide:

  • Daily market analysis and breadth work delivered to your inbox prior to market open
  • Access to all trading system indicators
  • Access to all videos
  • Access for support and help from us via email or phone

Premium membership is just $97.00 for one year..
become a member of the Pride and join the Premier league..

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