Pivot Boss Central Pivot Range v2.0 for NinjaTrader


This is one of the Pivot Boss Suite of indicators for NinjaTrader.  To learn more about using Frank Ochoa’s pivot indicators and the Central Pivot Range, go to http://PivotBoss.com







Inputs are easy, you can enable or disable the plotting of the BC, TC and PP simply by manipulating the true/false input fields.


The pivot range calculation can swap around the lines.  In other words, the TC can be below BC, this sometimes leads to confusion.  If the SortLines input is set, no matter how the calculation works out, the color ordering will always remain the same.  Set this input to false is you want the color attached to the calculation.


This indicator automatically scales for the bar type you are using.  On intraday charts it will use daily pivots; on daily charts, weekly pivots; weekly charts generate monthly pivots, and monthly charts, yearly pivots.


This indicator is free for registered website users (which is also free):




To import these indicators use the import NinjaScript from the File –> Utilities menu selection: If you are not sure how on install a custom indicator here is a short tutorial