PivotBoss.com indicators from Frank Ochoa’s eBook “Profiting with Pivot Based Moving Averages” – Free Download

Frank Ochoa made a smash up presentation in our live trading room about his pivot average trading techniques and how to use pivot moving averages to entry and exit trades. 


During Frank’s 12 years of being in the business of trading he developed several successful techniques and he is currently in the middle of completing his first book to share some of his secrets with us. On his website he has a free eBook to introduce you to his style and to whet your appetite for the full book.   The eBook is a really nice freebie and he gives several examples of applying some of his techniques.  The appendix has the code necessary to implement his indicators and auto trading strategies. Pretty complete for a subset.


I have implemented Frank’s indicators and strategies for TradeStation for my own research and they are available here for anyone to download for free.  To do downloads from this site you do need to register to get a login but you can do that instantly on the sidebar.


Here is an example trade using Frank’s Pivot pull back system with trailing stops.  This trade bought IBM at around 110 and sold at 123 taking a bulk of the trade.



To download Frank’s ebook goto http://pivotboss.com




To download the ELD for TradeStation click below:




Let me know how they are working out and if you need any help:


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