PivotBoss – Secrects of a Pivot Boss indicators Released for TradeStation..


Frank Ochoa from PivotBoss.com has finally released his much anticipated book based on Pivot trading.  These years-learned secrets and methods have been the basis of many a successful trading system and Frank clearly lays out strategy and techniques to make them part of your every day trading success.


If you do not have a copy or have not read the book, I suggest you boogie over to Frank’s site:  http://pivotboss.com and sign up for a copy. It is a great site with a free ebook to get you started and some daily trading ideas on some hot setups he currently sees.


In the appendix of his book, Frank publishes code for several of the examples in the book but they are not TradeStation compatible.    I have republished them, the best I can, so that those in the TradeStation community can work through Frank’s strategy and indicators.  These indicators and strategies are all open-sourced so you can modify them yourself to fit your own needs.


Each month I release a new set of indicators that help traders stay on top of the markets.  Some of these indicators sell on other sites for hundreds of dollars.  I share some of my indicators for free but most are exclusive for website members.  A membership of RedlionTrader.com will set you back just $99 for a full year membership.  This includes access to all the indicators, nightly alerts on our 10 day trades, and the Ned Davis trading system as well as videos.   If you are interested in these indicators, plus the others, please consider joining: http://www.redliontrader.com/membership.


PivotBoss Indicators and Strategies:




There are three indicators and 5 strategies in this release package.





The first indicator is my TraderPivots indicator which allows you to plot monthly, weekly, and daily pivots for your research or trading.  New in version 4.0 is the ability to plot Camarilla pivots.  This replaces Frank’s Camarilla indicator published in his book.


Central Pivots:

This indicator is used to draw Central Pivots based on Franks data to look for turning points.


Pivot Range History:

This histogram can be used to predict the type of follow-through day to expect based on the current day’s trading range.




The following strategies and stops are also released.  These are laid out and explained clearly in Frank’s book as well as his pivot trailing stop.


  • Wick Reversal
  • OutSide Reversal
  • Extreme Reversal
  • Doji Reversal
  • Trailing Central Stop

Download Instructions:

1st.  You need to be a member that has joined or logged in.  If you have done both successfully, you should see the download files below.  Make sure you download both and that you install the ELD file before loading the .TSW (Worksheet file).

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A single ELD package containing all 3 indicators and 5 strategy files can be downloaded from here:


An example worksheet using the strategies and indicators can be downloaded here:


Note: All of the PivotBoss’ indicators and strategies, except for the !RL_TraderPivots indicator, begin with !PB_ (these are not paint ball indicators) .


If you have any questions please let me know:  members@redliontrader.com.  Support is free to any website member.  Minor customizations are negotiable.