!RL_TraderPivots v. 4.3 Release for TradeStation



Version 4.3 adds:

Support for Pivot Boss’s Developing pivots.  This draws bars for the the pivots as they are developing for tomorrow’s trading.  Enter pivot type “d” in the format input box.


Version 4.1 added support for  Weekly and Monthly Pivots.


Version 4.0 adds:

1: Support for other Pivot Types

  • “t” = traditional Trader Pivots
  • “c” = Camarilla Pivots
  • “w” = Woodie Pivots

2: User-defined pivot line colors

3: Ability to turn off any pivot line to keep charts cleaner



image image Format Box Description:

  • Pivot Type (“t” = tradtional, “c” = Camarilla, “w” = Woodies Pivots, “d” = Developing Pivots)
  • ShowTodaysOHLC = if set to TRUE will plot today’s open, high, and low lines
  • ShowYesterdaysOHLC = if set to TRUE will plot yesterday’s open, high, and low lines
  • ShowHalfPivots = if set to True will display a dashed line halfway between pivots
  • dateORsession = sets how transitions between days is calculated. If set to a 1 the indicator will use a date change to force recalculation of the pivots (good for stocks). If set to a 0, the indicator will use the end of the session to calculate the next pivot points (good for futures).
  • TxtOffset = Allows you to move the legend text around
  • newPivotsonClose = set to true will calculate tomorrow’s pivots on session close
  • ppColor – r4Color = allows user to select which color to use for a pivot level line.  Putting in a 0 will turn that pivot line off and not plot.
  • Vers. = Do not change this. This is the current version of the indicator and is used for support purposes.