RedlionTrader’s NinjaTrader Webinar Link

Hello all,


Thank you all that were there.  It was a great bunch and we tried a grand experiment of attempting to get everyone up and running with Ninja’s awesome data replay.


I can not emphasis what a great research and training tool this feature is.  It is Saturday morning as I write this and I am replaying the entire week of ES trading to help tune my latest indicator. (I know a little sad, 7AM Saturday with the Carpenters blaring).


But, the great thing is with Market Replay the market is always open!.  So go through the homework assignments and the latest webinar and see if you can get yourself up and running.  I want to in a couple of weeks pick back up where we left off, download some RedlionTrader indicators and trade some.


For review, this was the homework assignments:


Assignment #1 – Download NinjaTrader from here


Assignment #2 – You will setup:

  • A new instrument (ES Emini Contract)
  • A connection to the Kinetick Free data service
  • A new daily chart of the ES
  • A new workspace to build off for assignment # 3
  • Customize the background color for your chart

This is the video to pace you through the process on #2


Assignment #3 – Download the ES level1 & level2 data from 10/19/2011 (yesterday)

Here is a video to show you how to download this data.

(don’t worry about the RL_RSI indicator mentioned, the point is to download some ES data).


Here is the link for the webinar:


If you are not a member of I want to encourage you to try a free week membership where you will get unfettered access to all our services to try.  No Credit Cards, no Auto Billing, just an Email address so we can set you up.


For those that want to join, there is no better time.  Our Oct 15th price raise hasn’t happened yet as I have not been able to fulfill all the requests for information and needs.  But I am working hard this weekend to catch up!  Once I do that 50% off offer will be gone forever!  Our seats are running out and I know I am looking forward to that since we can stop promoting and foucus 100% on trading!  We love the Deece!