rlNedDavis 4% indicator for NinjaTrader vers. 1.0


This is our first release of the Ned Davis 4% indicator.  Although it defaults to looking for a 4% weekly move, the indicator is generic enough to generate a colored candle based on percentage thresh hold.


You can read specifically about the Ned Davis/Zweig 4% system on our website here.. , as well as its current status.





Up Color The color for a move above the PctChange threshold
Dn Color The color for a move below the PctChange threshold
MarkerEnable Turns on or off the Diamond markers
PctChange The amount the price has to move between closes to trigger a color change


Sample Provided:


**Note to rlCandle indicator users, this indicator must be installed after the rlCandle indicator as both re-write the candle colors and the last indicator wins.

To use this indicator, install it with the NinjaTrader script import and put it on your charts.  It will work with any symbol and with any time frame.


There is a Ned Davis / Zweig 4% strategy available also for premium members.  You can find the strategy for test Pct move entries using any index to trade a 2nd instrument,  ie,  you can use pct moves to trigger in the S&P500 for a buy or exit in IBM for instance.


This indicator is free for registered users (which is also free):

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To import these indicators use the import NinjaScript from the File –> Utilities menu selection:

If you are not sure how on install a custom indicator here is a short tutorial