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RetirementRx: Turning 5 And Exceeding Income Expectations23-Jan 10:33(SeekingAlpha)

Introduction Relying on dividend income to meet the financial needs of retirement is my vision for a healthy and stable retirement. To achieve the level of dividend income needed to cover most living expenses, a savings and investing plan is required. I call my plan RetirementRx . Retirem…

Dividend Aristocrats NOBL Vs. Achievers VIG, Head To Head – The First 5 Years22-Jan 11:53(SeekingAlpha)

The Dividend Appreciation Index fund Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF ( VIG ) was launched in May of 2006. The fund tracks the US Nasdaq Dividend Achievers Select Index. Constituents have increased their dividends, each year for 10 years or more. The index applies a proprietary dividend heal…