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CloseJanuary 18, 2019

News: updated – 19-Jan 12:28

U.S. Bancorp Shares Still Stuck18-Jan 10:28(SeekingAlpha)

Banks have rebounded off of their December lows, but large banks have generally rebounded less strongly, and U.S. Bancorp ( USB ) less so than many of its peers. Although U.S. Bancorp doesnt have the risk of a company like Bank of America ( BAC ) or Comerica ( CMA ) where a fadin…

Quality Not Helping PNC Financial Much, As Growth Concerns Mount18-Jan 08:16(SeekingAlpha)

I expressed some concerns with PNC Financial s ( PNC ) position vis a vis near-term growth prospects last quarter, and those concerns really havent gone away. I think this is a very well-run bank and a solid candidate for a long-term position, but the lackluster results (highl…

Citi: I’m Waiting For A Pullback To Get In17-Jan 09:35(SeekingAlpha)

Introduction So far this year, all major bank stocks have outperformed the broader market, leaving a terrible 2018 behind. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at Citi’s ( C ) full-year results and technicals. Based on the option market and the possible returns I could get, I consider se…