Kimco Realty Corporation (KIM) New York Stock Exchange
CloseMay 21, 2019

News: updated – 22-May 02:28

In Search Of The Ultimate SWAN21-May 07:00(SeekingAlpha)

In case you dont know, when I speak of SWANs real estate investment trusts (REITs) or otherwise Im talking about a very specific kind of stock. A very special kind of stock. Before you go rolling your eyes or any such thing, relax. Im not going t…

The Best Dividend Stocks To Buy In Today’s Economy21-May 03:29(SeekingAlpha)

(Source: imgflip ) Due to reader requests, I’ve decided to break up my weekly "Best Dividend Stocks To Buy This Week" series into two parts. One will be the weekly watchlist article (with the best ideas for new money at any given time). The other will be a portfolio update. To also ma…