Netflix Inc. (NFLX) Nasdaq Global Select
CloseJanuary 18, 2019

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Netflix: What A Show!20-Jan 02:33(SeekingAlpha)

Introduction In this article, I tackle a project I have been meaning to for some time: writing about Netflixs (NFLX) fundamental value. While I have written about it in passing in some of my bearish commentary on the most overvalued segments of the US stock market, I have never quite…

Netflix: An Original Series20-Jan 10:10(SeekingAlpha)

Netflix ( NFLX ) has enjoyed a pretty good run, doubling more or less each year since its inception back in 1997 as a DVD renting and online viewing company. It’s currently the 10th largest technology company in the world by revenues after it pioneered (in good quality) monthly subscription se…