Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) New York Stock Exchange
CloseJanuary 15, 2019

News: updated – 16-Jan 01:35

Industrial Stocks To Deliver Value In A Weak 2019 Market13-Jan 04:30(SeekingAlpha)

A year has passed from when I had posted an article where I suggested Materials (NYSE:$XLB) would be the lead sector in 2018. As 2019 rolled in we can now see this was not the case as the real winners for 2018 were defensive sectors, Health Care (NYSE:$XLV) and Utilities (NYSE:$XLU) along wi…

The Impact Of Dividend Increases Through December Of 201813-Jan 07:12(SeekingAlpha)

When talking about dividend increases, this is us talking about dividend investing at its finest! Given another quarter-end had recently passed, I wanted to reflect on what occurred over the last full year. I do not mean just any old reflection, but I am going to be specifically talking about …