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John And Jane’s Taxable Account  Dividend Increases And Income Tracker – The Apple Effect8-Jan 04:28(SeekingAlpha)

Investment Thesis Apple’s ( AAPL ) weaker-than-expected iPhone sales have taken the market by storm as its market cap continues to plummet after recently reaching a total valuation of $1 Trillion. AAPL’s decline in share price has spread like wildfire throughout the tech industry and appears…

Dividend Growth 50: More In Year 4, With Income Up 10% – Part 28-Jan 09:00(SeekingAlpha)

As if it wasn’t enough that the Dividend Growth 50 beat the market in total return in 2018, our real-money portfolio also had its best year ever on the income-growing front. How does a 9.87% raise sound? Pretty darn good, if you ask me – and rounding it up to 10% sounds even better! Not ev…