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CloseMay 24, 2019

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NextEra: Utility Sector Leads Market As More Coal Plants Are Shut Down24-May 07:09(SeekingAlpha)

The utility sector has been on a tear over the past year. Over that time, it has gained over 20% and leads all S&P sectors in performance and severely trounced the S&P’s 3.6% return: Source: Fidelity In a Seeking Alpha article from back in October of 2016, I suggested NextEra …

Xcel Energy (XEL) Presents At Presents At AGA Financial Forum 2019 – Slideshow23-May 02:10(SeekingAlpha)

The following slide deck was published by Xcel Energy Inc. in conjunction with this Read more …

Changes In Electricity Generation Take Time23-May 11:20(SeekingAlpha)

Introduction My thesis is that changes in U.S. renewable electric generation tend to take a long time and that investors need to be patient. Many recent predictions have been right about coal declining dramatically, but they have been overly optimistic with solar and wind. In terms of MWh ad…