Aries Planets Step on the Gas on March 6-7 Red Letter Trading Days

Mercury and Venus into Aries step on the gas for trade talk, trading volumes and money-making.

Step On It

By Susan Abbott Gidel
March 5, 2018

(All times Eastern)

Trade talk, trading volumes and making money could be on the rise over the next two days, March 6-7 because two fast-moving planets are entering the sign of Aries.

Mercury, the planet that rules communication and trading, enters Aries at 2:34 am on Tuesday, March 6. Aries is an aggressive sign, so the war of words over trade tariffs could begin to escalate in overnight trade.

On Tuesday at 6:45 pm, the money planet Venus also moves into Aries. Venus is leaving its most favorite sign, Pisces, into one that is completely out of character. So, watch out for bumps in the road as Venus adjusts to having to be a bit more in your face.

Tuesday’s reports include:

  • Monday 7:30 pm  Australia Retail Sales
  • Monday 10:30 pm  Australia RBA Announcement
  • 3:15 am  Switzerland CPI

Wednesday’s reports include:

  • Tuesday 7:30 pm  Australia GDP
  • 3:30 am  Great Britain Halifax HPI
  • 8:30 am  US International Trade
  • 8:30 am  Canada Merchandise Trade
  • 10:00 am  Bank of Canada Announcement
  • 10:30 am  US EIA Petroleum Status
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