ASIA-PAC MARKET WRAP: Asian stocks traded indecisive following a mixed-perceived FOMC

Asian stocks were indecisive following a lacklustre lead from Wall St. where the major bourses ended the day with losses after a mixed-perceived FOMC in which the Fed hiked rates as expected and Fed Chair Powell provided an upbeat tone on the US economy, although the dot plots suggested no more hikes after 2020. ASX 200 (Unch) was subdued by a pullback in commodity names, while Nikkei 225 (-0.5%) swung between gains and losses at the whim of a choppy currency. Shanghai Comp (-0.4%) and Hang Seng (-0.4%) also flip-flopped with the region somewhat cautious as it digested the FOMC and a lock-step hike by the HKMA, while the PBoC skipped open market operations again for a net daily drain of CNY 60bln. Finally, 10yr JGBs tracked US Treasuries higher with prices also supported amid the BoJ’s Rinban announcement for JPY 880bln in JGBs across the curve before hitting resistance at 150.20.