EDAP TMS SA : EDAP Announces the Installation of a Third Focal One® HIFU Device in Brazil

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatments Successfully Performed at Albert Einstein Hospital, Sao Paulo

LYON, France, September 27, 2018 — EDAP TMS SA (NASDAQ:EDAP), the global leader in therapeutic ultrasound, today announced the installation of the third Focal One device in Brazil at the renowned Albert Einstein Center of Oncology,

Dr. Arie Carneiro MD, PhD, urologist at Albert Einstein Center of Oncology, commented: "In recent years we have experienced a great technological and information revolution. Patients are more sophisticated and well informed with often very different demands and priorities. Organ-sparing surgery is widely used for various neoplasms. The prostate has a particular anatomical location, hindering multiple surgical access and making partial surgery impossible. Prostate ablation with different energies has been proposed for focal treatment; however, safety and precision were the main limiting factors for the most of these approaches."

"Focal One certainly fills this gap by enabling accurate and safe treatment through advances in both resonance technology and robotic control. The Albert Einstein Hospital, as a reference cancer center, sought this technology in order to offer its patients an individualized approach, making available all the possibilities of treatment of localized prostate cancer, with the objective of achieving the best possible outcomes according to the characteristics of the patient and tumor. As a Latin America reference center, our research team will continue to produce scientific data to enhance the role of focal therapy and explore ways to further improve outcomes, as well as cost-effectiveness to the public and private health system."

Nicolas Poutrain, …

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