EV Energy Partners Announces Agreement on Comprehensive Restructuring

HOUSTON, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EV Energy Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ:EVEP) and its subsidiaries (collectively, “EVEP” or the “Company”) today announced that the Company entered into a restructuring support agreement (“RSA”) with certain holders of approximately 70% of its 8.0% senior notes due 2019 (the “Senior Notes”) and lenders holding approximately 94% of the principal amount outstanding under the Company's reserve-based lending facility on March 13, 2018. The RSA was also signed by EnerVest, Ltd. (“EnerVest”) and EnerVest Operating, L.L.C. (“EnerVest Operating”) as they will continue to provide services to the Company.

The RSA contemplates a comprehensive restructuring of the Company's capital structure, to be implemented through a proposed pre-packaged plan of reorganization (the “Plan”) that will significantly deleverage the Company's balance sheet. Consistent with the RSA, the Company will commence the solicitation of votes to accept or reject the Plan today and commence its prepackaged bankruptcy case in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (the “Bankruptcy Court”) on or before April 8, 2018. Neither EnerVest nor EnerVest Operating is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief.

More specifically, the Plan, which is subject to confirmation by the Bankruptcy Court, contemplates the equitization of all of the Company's Senior Notes and the entry into an amended reserve-based lending facility with the Company's existing lenders. Additionally, the Plan contemplates that suppliers, customers and other holders of general unsecured claims will be paid in full in the ordinary course of business and otherwise be unimpaired. The Company does not plan to reject any of its existing contracts as part of the restructuring.

The Company expects EnerVest Operating to continue as the primary operator for its oil and natural gas properties in the Barnett Shale, San Juan Basin, Appalachian Basin, Michigan, Central Texas, Permian Basin, Monroe Field and Karnes County, TX.

“We believe that this provides the best path forward for our Company to reduce leverage, maintain access to liquidity and maximize value for all of our stakeholders. During the restructuring and upon emergence, we expect to have ample liquidity and do not anticipate the need for debtor-in-possession financing or other additional capital,” said Michael Mercer, President and CEO. 

Upon consummation, the restructuring would, among other things:

  • Amend the Company's reserve-based lending facility;
  • Eliminate more than $343 million of principal and accrued interest with respect to the Senior Notes, in exchange for 95% of the reorganized Company's equity as of the effective date of the Plan (subject to dilution by a management incentive plan and warrants for existing unit holders);
  • Pay all supplier, service provider, customer, employee, royalty and working interest obligations in full in the ordinary course; and
  • Provide the Company's existing unitholders with consideration in the form of 5% of the reorganized Company's equity (subject to dilution by a management incentive plan and warrants for existing unitholders) and 5-year warrants to acquire up to 8% of the equity …

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