I tried Casper’s $35 pillow that’s designed to help you sleep anywhere— here’s what it’s like

casper nap pillow

Casper, the company that makes extremely comfortable mattresses and ships them to you in a box, introduced a tiny new pillow in June, called the Nap Pillow.

The Nap Pillow is the smallest and cheapest of Casper’s available pillows, at just $35. The full-sized pillow and king-sized pillow cost $75 and $95, respectively.

Casper sent over the new Nap Pillow for me to try out. Here’s what it’s like to use:

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The Casper Nap Pillow arrives in an adorable cylindrical tube.

The text printed on the container has everything you need to know about the Nap Pillow, including where you can use it …

… to what it’s made out of …

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