PRE-MARKET JAPANESE AND SOUTH KOREAN STOCK NEWS: Earnings including Nissan, Rakuten and GS Holdings


McDonald’s Holdings Japan (2702 JT)
– Co. 9-month net JPY 20.6bln vs. Prev. JPY 15.4bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (7003 JT)
– Co. H1 net loss JPY 47.9bln vs. prev. loss JPY 5.9bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Mitsui & Co (8031 JT)
– Co. reportedly in talks to buy Brazil rail Co. SuperVia. (Newswires)

Nexon (3659 JT)
– Co. H1 net JPY 101.2bln vs. Prev. JPY 59.0bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Nissan (7201 JT)
– Co. H1 net JPY 246.3bln vs. Prev. JPY 276.5bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Rakuten (4755 JT)
– Co. 9-month net JPY 107.9bln vs. Prev. JPY 72.7bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Shiseido (4911 JT)
– Co. H1 net JPY 64.0bln vs. prev. loss JPY 17.0bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

Showa Denko (4004 JT)
– Co. H1 net JPY 99.3bln vs. Prev. JPY 23.4bln Y/Y. (Newswires)

SoftBank (9984 JT)
– Co. mobile unit IPO is expected to get approval from the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Monday. (Nikkei)

– Several Japanese automakers are reportedly anticipating profit declines with 5 of the 7 largest auto makers expecting a drop, while Toyota sees profit to remain flat and Mitsubishi Motors is the only large car manufacturer that expects growth amid ongoing protectionist trade policies from US. (Nikkei)

Other News
– RCEP members target completion of a free-trade agreement between the 16 countries next year. (Nikkei)


CJ CheilJedang Corp (097950 KS)
– Co. Q3 net KRW 108bln vs. Exp. KRW 96bln. (Newswires)

GS Holdings (078930 KS)
– Co. Q3 net KRW 310bln vs. Exp. KRW 239bln. (Newswires)

Kangwon Land (035250 KS)
– Co. Q3 net KRW 93.3bln vs. Exp. KRW 101bln. (Newswires)

Korea Aerospace (047810 KS)
– Co. signed defense export deal with Indonesia valued at KRW 100bln. (Yonhap)

Lotte Shopping (023530 KS)
– Co. Q3 net KRW 182bln vs. Exp. KRW 48.8bln. (Newswires)

NSsoft (036570 KS)
– Co. Q3 oper. profit KRW 139bln vs. Exp. KRW 125bln. (Newswires)
– Co. announced 5 new multiplayer online role-plying games for the mobile platform. (Newswires)

Samsung Life Insurance (032830 KS)
– Co. Q2 net KRW 279bln vs. Exp. KRW 383bln. (Newswires)

Shinsegae (004170 KS)
– Co. Q3 net KRW 28.5bln vs. Exp. KRW 53.0bln. (Newswires)

Other News
– North Korea cancelled a meeting scheduled with the US after learning US President Trump will not attend, while US Ambassador to the UN Haley said North Korea postponed meeting with US Secretary of State Pompeo because they weren’t prepared. Furthermore, Haley commented that Russia wants to lift banking restriction on North Korea but the US will not let that happen. (Newswires)