Putin only follows 19 people on Twitter, and one of them has been dead for 5 years — here’s the full list

Vladimir Putin

While no world leader uses Twitter quite like Donald Trump, it’s still an arena where power and prestige are distributed. A presidential follow counts for a lot.

Russian President Vladimir Putin follows just 19 accounts from his English-speaking handle — and they’re a weird mix of politicians, many of whom are accused of corruption, and one of whom died in 2013. And no Trump.

(The Russian account only follows his English account, the Russian government and his prime minister.)

Scroll down for the full list of Putin’s Twitter crowd. (This list is correct as of March 2018.)

This is @PutinRF_Eng, the Russian President’s English-language account. His cover photo is of his home and office, the Kremlin. As you can see, though, it sometimes tweets in Russian anyway.

The latest round of Russian-language tweets were posted during Putin’s annual state of the nation speech on Thursday, when he unveiled the country’s new nuclear weapons.

According to his Twitter bio, tweets from Putin himself are signed with “VP.” Business Insider found no such tweets from this account.

While this may suggest that Putin isn’t checking his Twitter feed very often, the people he has chosen to follow does speak volumes.

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