[Research] Closing Imbalances last 5 trading days of September – Updated

Here is how the Last 5 days of September have gone for the past 4 years…

Closing September MiMs.

[UPDATE — 9/26]

Tuesday’s close came in at about -370M sell.  EOM-3 days have shown decent values over the last 4 years, so expecting to sell some action today on the close.

Here is yesterday’s closing price action and the table below has been updated:

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We are down to the final five days of September, and a look into our MiM almanac on the close shows a couple of consistent trends. You can see that EOM-0, (End Of Month – 0 days)  that is the last trading day of the Month, shows that for 2015,2016 and 2017 the NYSE all had a decent buy imbalances going into October, we would expect Friday to follow.  The rest of the week is a bit of a mish mash so much anticipation for Friday.  Become part of the team, there are some special offers below.

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