SLOW BURN: The 13 movies that took the longest time to make $100 million at the box office

pulp fiction

Most record-setting blockbuster films reach nine-figure grosses by getting off to a hot start, as Marvel’s “Black Panther” did at the start of this year.

But many other films, like Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction,” have instead raked in money on a slow burn. 

To find out which movies took the most time to reach the nine-figure mark at the domestic box office, we turned to Box Office Mojo for its ranking on the subject.

Here are the 13 movies that took the longest to reach $100 million at the US box office, ranked by the number of days they took:

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13. “Die Hard: With A Vengeance” (1995) — 143 days

Days to $100 million: 143

Domestic gross: $100,012,499

Global gross: $366,101,666

12. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (2002) — 148 days

Days to $100 million: 148

Domestic gross: $241,438,208

Global gross: $368,744,044

11. “Driving Miss Daisy” (1989) — 150 days

Days to $100 million: 150

Domestic gross: $106,593,296

Global gross: $145,793,296

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