The major US cities with the best public transportation

 new york subway crowdedNew York City’s public transit is long over-due for repairs and suffers from over-crowding largely due to the city’s ever-growing population. On Monday, for example, New York commuters shared videos and photos of rain pouring into subway platforms, creating waterfalls in some stations.

NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is not in great shape, but in like most US cities, the situation has been dire for decades.

Two nonprofit research institutes, the Center for Neighborhood Technology and TransitCenter Center for Neighborhood Technology, have created a project that quantifies the state of public transit in cities across the country. 

The institutes created a metric called the AllTransit Performance Score for subways, light rails, bike shares, and buses in US cities and towns. Using open data from 7,236 cities, researchers looked at factors like affordability, access to jobs, frequency of service, quality, and number of stops. The goal is to encourage policymakers to improve public transportation.

The researchers compiled an ultimate ranking of public transportation in all of these cities and towns. On the site, you can filter by zip code and population.

Here are the top cities with at least 250,000 residents.

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17. St. Paul, Minnesota

There are 271,861 jobs located within a half-mile of transit in St. Paul.

16. Seattle, Washington

Seattle has over 416,000 jobs accessible with a commute of less than 30 minutes.

15. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

More than 138,000 Pittsburgh residents live within a half-mile of public transit.

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