We compared White Castle’s original slider with its new game-changing burger — and the winner is clear

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White Castle is known for its 77-cent beef sliders served in tiny cardboard boxes.

But now, the 97-year-old chain is testing out a more vegetarian-friendly option.

On Thursday, 140 White Castle locations in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois debuted a plant-based slider by the Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods. Founded in 2011, Impossible has created a meatless burger that mimics the taste of beef.

We recently went to a White Castle in Brooklyn to see how White Castle’s original sliders stack up to Impossible’s. There was a clear winner.

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We visited a White Castle in Bushwick — one of 14 in New York City — on the first day the Impossible sliders became available.

Considered America’s first fast-food chain, White Castle was founded in 1921. The brand rose in popularity following the 2004 film “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle,” in which two stoners visit a New Jersey location.

The Impossible sliders are a little more than double the price of the traditional sliders ($1.99 vs 77 cents).

White Castle already has a vegetarian slider, which it will continue to offer in addition to Impossible’s.

We ordered one Impossible combo — which included two plant-based sliders, fries, and a soda — and a regular combo — which included four beef sliders, plus the fries and drink. We also asked for two extra Impossible sliders. It was a lot of food.

In total, the veggie combo with cheese cost about $8 and the other (without cheese) was $6.59.

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