We tried Kano’s Harry Potter coding wand, and it wasn’t as magic as we had hoped

kano $99.99



Coding kit builder Kano released its Harry Potter coding wand in October.

The wand costs £99.99/$99.99, and is designed to get muggle kids into coding by letting them to code spells which they can then cast using the wand.

Business Insider got with the Kano coding wand to see how it holds up. Scroll on for our review.

The box sure is fancy.

First you have to assemble the wand.

Wand assembly is about as simple as it comes, you just slot the pieces together. Here’s us placing the wand’s printed circuit board in the wand. 

The design is nice and sleek, but there’s no off button.

To preserve battery life you need to pry open the case and physically remove the batteries, which is kind of a drag.

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