TraderPivots for NinjaTrader v7.0

This is the initial release of the TraderPivots indicator for NinjaTrader.  This is a premium indicator and is only available to members with Gold status or higher.



TraderPivots are used to predict support and resistance zones.  The rlTraderPivot for NinjaTrader currently supports three types of pivots: Traditional, Camarilla, and Woodie.


The pivotType is chosen via the parameter input box:





Traditional, Camarilla, Woodie – Each can be chosen by placing their first letter (or the entire name) into the PivotType window.


This download is for Gold Members Only:

To find out more about becoming a gold member and all the advantages please see:

Gold includes phone and email support.



To duplicate my charts you will need rlHollowCandles that modifies the Ninja Candles.  If you do not have this, or want to use your own Formats, ignore this message.

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Here is the HollowCandles Zip File:


Once your indicator is imported, load it on a chart, right click on the chart and select Templates –> Load.  Find rlTraderPivots and load and your chart should match the one above.

If you need support:



Release of AD-Race for NinjaTrader 7.0


This is the release of the AD-Race indicator for NinjaTrader 7.0.  This indicator is used to visually plot the Advance/Decline line of several indexes for intraday monitoring of strength, both relative to other indexes as well as to watch for market turning points.  This indicator needs advance and decline issue symbols from an intraday provider.  The defaults are setup for Kinetick which I also believe to be the same as IQFeed.



Each A/D line is setup as a separate indicator.  A chart template is included in the zip download and will setup a chart to look exactly like the image above.




Adv: Symbol name for advancing issues

Decl: Symbol name for declining issues

EnbRatio: Set to true if you want the current real-time ratio plotted next to the index name

Label: Text you want plotted next to A/D line

LabelColor: Color for text so it can match you A/D line color


** Note you need to install the indicator for each a/d line you want plotted on the chart.

Use the included template to setup a sample chart



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Download Here:



Release for NinjaTrader of rlPCT–a percent pullback indicator


Initial release of the rlPCT from RedlionTrader.


I use this chart all the time to gauge the depth of pullback or bounces.  It has two operating modes: a pullback mode and a rally mode, one measures from the highs, the other from the lows.


You can set the initial pullback value and the indicator will calculate 10 lines of pullbacks.  Setting the charts for x number of days (I tend to use 10 days) you can get a picture of how the symbol has been behaving over those days.


In this example (TF – the Russell 2000 futures contract),  you can see that the market has rallied hard over the last six days, giving up mostly just 0.5% pullbacks, almost all of which are being bought.  That is bullish!


Parameter Settings:


PB: Using Pullback mode or Rally Mode

Starting Value: Enter the value for the first pullback line, the indicator will then draw ten lines with multiples of the first pullback entry.


Included in this package is a copy of rlHollowCandle which creates the candle format used in the picture above.  If you have a different candle format requirement, you do not need to load this indicator.  Also included is a template to allow you to recreate the exact chart show above.


This is not a premium indicator so you need only be registered to download.  As always, if you have any questions, you can email me


Download Zip here:

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Release of Market Thrust Indicator for NinjaTrader v7.0 with Kinetick intraday data.–Up-Dated



I have modified the original release to make it more flexible for other symbol inputs.


This is my first real indicator release for NinjaTrader so any feedback – works, doesn’t work –  would be greatly appreciated.


First about the Market Thrust.  This is a trin type indicator whose formula is:


Issues Advancing * Up Volume – Issues Declining * Down Volume

It is a very simple indicator and helps to give a visual on the current market strength, bears vs. bulls.  I use it to help ride trends and trend days like the below example.  If I am long, and red sits above white sits above blue, I will keep holding.  When white crosses blue I will scale some out.  The red line is the raw “noisy” data.  The white and blue lines are averages of the red line which can be adjusted via the parameter box.


The Parameters are as follows:



Sym Adv Issues:       Enter your symbol for advancing issues..

Sym DECL Issues:  Enter your symbol here for declining issues..

Sym UP VOL: Enter your symbol for Up Volume

Sym DN VOL: Enter you symbol for Dn Volume

Factor: Divides the raw data to make the numbers more reasonable to look at.

FastSmooth: The Fast moving average (White Line default)

SlowSmooth: The Slow moving average (Blue Line default)



  1. Download the .zip file attached to this document.
  2. Go to the NinjaTrader Control Center and choose File –> Utilities –> Import NinjaScript and navigate to the downloaded .zip file named MarketThrust
  3. Once import has finished go to the Control Center and choose File –> New –> Chart and install any symbol that has one minute data (or a time frame equal to how you are going to use the market thrust), I use the SPY.
  4. Now go to your new chart, right click the mouse and chose Templates –> Load.  If the import worked correctly you should see a MarketThrust template.   Chose this template and you should be all set. From here you can customize the charts as you wish.  The primary dataseries has been hidden and the indicator now stands by itself in the chart.

You can download the MarketThrust indicator here:

You do not need to be a Premium Member to download this indicator, but you do need to be registered, so if you do not see the download,  please register at the site, it is free.



If you need support please email




RL_FVP Indicator–Premium Arbitrage Indicator

This indicator is used to generate alerts when an index future hits a program trade arbitrage level as setup through




What the data looks like from


*** Note I remove the negative signs and work from the positive side.





  • FV : Current Fair Value
  • buyThresh: Value for the current buying threshold
  • sellThresh: Value for the current selling threshold
  • sym1: Data stream for the futures symbol
  • sym2: Data stream for the cash symbol
  • startOfDay: Time of day to track alerts
  • endOfDay: Time of day to stop
  • enbTxt: Enable the on screen text
  • txtBarsBack: How many bars back from the right side of the screen to float text
  • txtPct: Percentage up from the bottom of the screen to float the text
  • rev: do not change.  This is the current revision of the newly installed indicator

Video Help:




You must be logged in to download.  Membership for this indicator is free.


ELD: For TradeStaion.

Install before the worksheet download!

Sample WorkSheet:

PivotBoss – Secrects of a Pivot Boss indicators Released for TradeStation..


Frank Ochoa from has finally released his much anticipated book based on Pivot trading.  These years-learned secrets and methods have been the basis of many a successful trading system and Frank clearly lays out strategy and techniques to make them part of your every day trading success.


If you do not have a copy or have not read the book, I suggest you boogie over to Frank’s site: and sign up for a copy. It is a great site with a free ebook to get you started and some daily trading ideas on some hot setups he currently sees.


In the appendix of his book, Frank publishes code for several of the examples in the book but they are not TradeStation compatible.    I have republished them, the best I can, so that those in the TradeStation community can work through Frank’s strategy and indicators.  These indicators and strategies are all open-sourced so you can modify them yourself to fit your own needs.


Each month I release a new set of indicators that help traders stay on top of the markets.  Some of these indicators sell on other sites for hundreds of dollars.  I share some of my indicators for free but most are exclusive for website members.  A membership of will set you back just $99 for a full year membership.  This includes access to all the indicators, nightly alerts on our 10 day trades, and the Ned Davis trading system as well as videos.   If you are interested in these indicators, plus the others, please consider joining:


PivotBoss Indicators and Strategies:




There are three indicators and 5 strategies in this release package.





The first indicator is my TraderPivots indicator which allows you to plot monthly, weekly, and daily pivots for your research or trading.  New in version 4.0 is the ability to plot Camarilla pivots.  This replaces Frank’s Camarilla indicator published in his book.


Central Pivots:

This indicator is used to draw Central Pivots based on Franks data to look for turning points.


Pivot Range History:

This histogram can be used to predict the type of follow-through day to expect based on the current day’s trading range.




The following strategies and stops are also released.  These are laid out and explained clearly in Frank’s book as well as his pivot trailing stop.


  • Wick Reversal
  • OutSide Reversal
  • Extreme Reversal
  • Doji Reversal
  • Trailing Central Stop

Download Instructions:

1st.  You need to be a member that has joined or logged in.  If you have done both successfully, you should see the download files below.  Make sure you download both and that you install the ELD file before loading the .TSW (Worksheet file).

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This content is only available to premium members. If you would like to join and have access to all my indicators checkout the current special being offered here: Premium Membership

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A single ELD package containing all 3 indicators and 5 strategy files can be downloaded from here:


An example worksheet using the strategies and indicators can be downloaded here:


Note: All of the PivotBoss’ indicators and strategies, except for the !RL_TraderPivots indicator, begin with !PB_ (these are not paint ball indicators) .


If you have any questions please let me know:  Support is free to any website member.  Minor customizations are negotiable.

Releasing version 4.00 of !RL_TraderPivots.. for October.

imageMy October release is a reworked !RL_TraderPivots indicator for TradeStation.  This is probably the most popular indicator I have.


There has been several requests for some updates which included requests for different type of pivots so this premium release (version 4.0) includes support for Camarilla Pivots as well as Woodie pivots.  If there are users out there with different pivot calculations please let me know and I will be glad to add them.


To jump to the documentation and download you can go here: ndicators-3/tradestation/rl_pivots-trader-pivots/


Note that this release is for Gold Members only and is our October release.  The November release will be coming soon.  I am working with Frank Ochoa at to release his indicators and trading strategies from his latest book, Secrets of a Pivot Boss and these too will be available to premium members.  If you have not joined yet you can read more about gold membership and its benefits.


About Camarilla Pivots:

Calculations Used:

R4 = C + RANGE * 1.1/2
R3 = C + RANGE * 1.1/4
R2 = C + RANGE * 1.1/6
R1 = C + RANGE * 1.1/12
PP = (HIGH + LOW + CLOSE) / 3
S1 = C – RANGE * 1.1/12
S2 = C – RANGE * 1.1/6
S3 = C – RANGE * 1.1/4
S4 = C – RANGE * 1.1/2

Where R1 through R4 are Resistance levels 1 to 4, PP is the Pivot Point, S1 through S4 are support levels 1 to 4, RANGE is the High minus the Low for the given time frame (usually daily).


About Woodie Pivots:

R4 = R3 + RANGE
R3 = H + 2 * (PP – L) (same as: R1 + RANGE)
R1 = (2 * PP) – LOW
PP = (HIGH + LOW + (TODAY’S OPEN * 2)) / 4
S1 = (2 * PP) – HIGH
S3 = L – 2 * (H – PP) (same as: S1 – RANGE)
S4 = S3 – RANGE
Where R1 through R4 are Resistance levels 1 to 4, PP is the Pivot Point, S1 through S4 are support levels 1 to 4, RANGE is the High minus the Low for the given time frame (usually daily).


Here are some useful links I have for the Pivots:

Trading with Camarilla Pivots
Forex Trading with Camarilla Pivots

and of course the site: Secrets of a Pivot Boss


Woodie Pivots:

Forum post from Woodie’s site


There are plenty of sites for all pivot trading.. Just google..


If you have an issues or questions please feel free to write or comment below.. Enjoy!

Time Slice Volume Average Indicator – !RL_TSVA .


This is my Time Slice Volume Average Indicator.  Most people ask we what the heck is that!


Intraday volume does not have an equal distribution.  Volume from 9:30 to 11am is very different than mid-day volume which tends to be low,  and then volume for the close again picks back up.  This parabolic distribution makes normal moving averages useless. 


Here is picture of the standard TradeStation Volume Average indicator:



So how can you tell if volume is outside a range?  The TSVA goes back a user selectable number of days and averages the volume for that particular time-slice.


Here is the same chart with a 5 day TSVA installed instead.


The light blue bars are times when the current  volume is 50% above (or below) the 5 day average volume for that time slice.  The 10:05 bar in this case shows a capitulation low on TF on extremely high volume.  The two follow on burst of high volume bars with the market moving up (10:35 to 10:45 and 11:05 to 11:20 ) are signals that this is going to be a trend up day.


It is possible to layer multiple TSVAs and build a chart that tells you even more information on what is happening with volume.  The following chart has 3 TSVA indicators installed:





Yellow = Total Volume

Cyan = Total Volume Alert (above 50% in this case)

DarkGreen = Up Volume (volume traded on an up tick)

Red = Down Volume  (volume traded on a down tick)



Dark Blue = Yesterday’s Volume at the same point in time

Magenta = 5 day average of volume at the same point in time

Brown = 10 day average of volume at the same point in time


This time we have a 15 minute view of the same symbol discussed above.  We have a capitulation low on the 10:15 bar with extremely high volume and if you look closely the up volume for the next three bars is outpacing down volume.  The pullback bar at 11:00am is light volume compared to the averages, another signal that we are going to go back up.  The 11:15am bar confirms.


I hope I have explained how to use the TSVA, it is a great tool to have in your TradeStation tool shed!



To download this indicator for TradeStation you must be a gold member to  If you can see the download section below.. Your In!..


The price for membership is well worth the price for this indicator alone! Plus you get a new indicator every month as membership is for a year, each indicator come with support too..




Gold Members.. I have both the ELD.. which is the easy language code file ..and a sample worksheet you can download.  Download the ELD first and install it on you TradeStation before installing the worksheet.

If you have any questions or issues email me at:





Instructions On Usage:




Note that TradeStation has a whacky way of defining their volume values.  This is from the TradeStation help section:



These are the keywords to use in both the vol2avg and vol2disp fields.


If you have any questions please let me know: indicators from Frank Ochoa’s eBook “Profiting with Pivot Based Moving Averages” – Free Download

Frank Ochoa made a smash up presentation in our live trading room about his pivot average trading techniques and how to use pivot moving averages to entry and exit trades. 


During Frank’s 12 years of being in the business of trading he developed several successful techniques and he is currently in the middle of completing his first book to share some of his secrets with us. On his website he has a free eBook to introduce you to his style and to whet your appetite for the full book.   The eBook is a really nice freebie and he gives several examples of applying some of his techniques.  The appendix has the code necessary to implement his indicators and auto trading strategies. Pretty complete for a subset.


I have implemented Frank’s indicators and strategies for TradeStation for my own research and they are available here for anyone to download for free.  To do downloads from this site you do need to register to get a login but you can do that instantly on the sidebar.


Here is an example trade using Frank’s Pivot pull back system with trailing stops.  This trade bought IBM at around 110 and sold at 123 taking a bulk of the trade.



To download Frank’s ebook goto




To download the ELD for TradeStation click below:




Let me know how they are working out and if you need any help: