Updated version 3.0 of Trader Pivots

I have updated my trader pivots indicator to work better with futures.


Sample chart of $SPX.X with pivots enabled. (click on image to get a larger version).


These are the traditional pivot calculations.





  • ShowTodaysOHLC = if set to TRUE will plot today’s open, high and low lines
  • ShowYesterdaysOHLC = if set to TRUE will plot yesterday’s open, high and low lines
  • ShowHalfPivots = if set to True will display a dashed line halfway between pivots
  • dateORsession = sets how transitions between days is calculated.  If set to a 1 the indicator will use a date change to force recalculation of the pivots.  This is good for stocks.  If set to a 0 the indicator will use the end of the session to calculated the next pivot points. (good for futures).
  • TxtOffset = Allows you to move the legend text around
  • Vers.  = Do not change this.  This is the current version of the indicator and is used for support purposes.

This is the download for the TraderPivots

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