Tradechat 2.0: Auto Loading Charts and Audio in Google Chrome

One of the nice features added in  Tradechat 2.0 is auto-connecting of charts and audio from your last setting.  This will only work in Google Chrome if you grant the site permission to autoplay sound. 

To do that go the URL area (1) click and if you have sound on the short menu make sure it is set to allow.  If not click(2) site settings go down that list and find sound and set it to allow.  Now you should be all set to have charts and audio reconnect!


PS the security warning is because we allow image links from none https sites to be loaded into the chat.  This mixed-use is a low-security issue.  If you are sharing images please find out if your image sharing site has an https: alternative version and not load http:// charts in.  At some point, we may have to ban insecure links.